China Woven Fabric

Woven Bag Woven Cloth
1)Material: PP
2)Width: 60cm
3)Length: 2000m
4) Weight: 65g/ square meter
5)Color: white, black, yellow,light green,orange ,as per your requirements
6 Weaving mesh: 10 x 10,as per your requirements
7)Yarn: 600D
8)Printing: one side
9)Other special requirements: as per your requests
10)Packing: Rolls
11)Usage: Widely used for Packaging materials, making bags, rice bags etc.
Woven bag notes
We must purchase plastics, toxic materials and plastics containing dyes and printing materials, woven bags and floor paints. Because toxic substances will infiltrate into the gaps between plastic molecules, plastic bags, and it is difficult to remove the packaging bags. Therefore, when purchasing plastic woven bags, it is necessary to clarify whether the package has been packaged with toxic and hazardous substances, fluorocarbon paint.
Q: What is goods lead time?
A: Usually we finish the orders in 30days. But it will take a little longer if with heavy burden of production task.
Q: What did your factory do in quality control?
A: Quality is a top priority! Every employee and QC will save QC from beginning to end:
One. All raw materials we use have passed strength tests.
Bay skilled workers care about every detail in the process of sewing, printing, sewing and packing;China Woven Fabric